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The Adjutor Healthcare Group Expands Global Presence with the Establishment of Adjutor Healthcare Hong Kong
The Adjutor Healthcare Group Expands Global Presence with the Establishment of Adjutor Healthcare Hong Kong

[Sydney 09 February 2024] — Today marks a significant milestone for the Adjutor Healthcare Group, as we proudly announce the establishment of Adjutor Healthcare Hong Kong, further solidifying our commitment to excellence supporting global healthcare, development, regulatory and commercialisation needs.

Founded by Rosalie Cull, the Adjutor Healthcare Group, has rapidly emerged as a leader in the MTP sector through its unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, client satisfaction, and unparalleled service.

The decision to expand our presence to Hong Kong is a strategic move driven by various factors, including the region’s dynamic business environment, robust financial infrastructure, and key geographical location. Hong Kong serves as a strategic hub for international business, providing a gateway to the rapidly growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Rosalie Cull, Founder and CEO of the Adjutor Healthcare Group, when talking about the expansion stated “We have served the region well through our trusted partner network for many years and the establishment of Adjutor Hong Kong is a natural progression for us as we seek to enhance our global footprint. Hong Kong’s vibrant business landscape aligns seamlessly with our mission, and we are excited about the opportunities this expansion will bring. The Adjutor Hong Kong office will be closely aligned with the specific needs of our clients in the Asia-Pacific region -in particular, Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan. Our team remains dedicated to providing the same level of excellence that has become synonymous with the Adjutor Healthcare brand.”

Building upon our proven track record of success, Adjutor Hong Kong aims to continue this tradition by delivering unparalleled services to clients in the region. The expansion positions the Adjutor Healthcare Group to better serve existing clients with global interests and opens the door to new collaborations within the dynamic Asia Pacific community.

From Adjutor Hong Kong, clients can expect the same high standards of service, innovation, and reliability that have defined the Adjutor Healthcare Group’s success globally.

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About the Adjutor Healthcare Group:

Adjutor Healthcare Group provides full consultancy services in product development, QMS/training, clinical development, and regulatory services for product registration/lifecycle management and commercialisation. Covering medicines, medical devices, cell and gene therapies, and other cutting-edge products across major international markets including Asia-Pacific, North and Latin America, EU/UK and more. With legal entities in Australia, NZ, Hong Kong and partners in other countries, we can act as a sponsor for our clients in these markets. The team at Adjutor Healthcare has been consulting since 2010, firstly under the banner of TudorRose Consulting and now as Adjutor Healthcare. 

About the Adjutor Advantage:

The Adjutor Advantage is a distinctive set of principles that underpin our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Our team is not just a service provider, we are your strategic partner, committed to helping you overcome challenges and achieve your objectives. It is our promise to deliver unparalleled value by being Responsive, Agile, Flexible, Expert, Collaborative, and Reliable.

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