Sponsorship and Commercialisation

Now that your product has been developed, we can help you to you access a wide variety of countries and ensure effective commercialisation and product launch strategies.

Through our extensive networks of Partners we can provide in-country caretaker, Marketing Authorisation Holder, Regulatory Agent and Sponsor services for clinical trials, regulatory submissions and, in many cases, also for marketed products.
North and Latin America
Middle East


Planning for commercialisation happens in parallel with regulatory activities and can be just as complex. Adjutor consultants know the processes well and provide local knowledge in primary, secondary and tertiary markets.
  • Sponsorship/Agent for applications and marketed products
  • Introduction to distributors and logistics providers
  • Local release for distribution of marketed products
  • Pharmaco- and device vigilance
  • Review of product promotional materials for compliance
  • Review of websites and social media for compliance
  • Import/Export permits
  • Wholesale and other special licences
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