Regulatory Affairs
and Market Access
Regulatory Affairs and Market Access | TGA Regulatory Affairs Consultants Australia: Adjutor, are specialists in drug development and are able to facilitate and contribute to activities from lab to dossier.

Facilitating your path

to approval and launch

in multiple countries

Adjutor are experts in regulatory affairs and market access, able to guide you to market efficiently and effectively.
  • Medicines and medical devices, biologicals, gene and cell therapies, ATMPs
  • Orbis/ACCESS/Orphan/Provisional/Priority and other expedited pathways
  • Regulatory agency meeting facilitation USA, EU, UK, CH, AU, JP ++
  • Risk Management Plans and drafting of product information
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • Regulatory dossier writing, compilation and ePublishing
  • Evaluation support and product lifecycle maintenance
  • Pricing, market access and reimbursement submissions
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