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The Adjutor Healthcare Group and Axis Health Co Announce a Strategic Partnership to Drive Client Success
The Adjutor Healthcare Group and Axis Health Co Announce a Strategic Partnership to Drive Client Success

Sydney, June 2024 – The Adjutor Healthcare Group and Axis Health Co are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration, which combines the unique strengths and expertise of two industry powerhouses, aims to provide enhanced consulting services and comprehensive solutions specifically tailored to the needs of each client, enabling them to achieve exceptional results.

This partnership is rooted in a true spirit of collaboration, with each organisation benefiting from the other’s strengths:

Adjutor Healthcare Group provides full consultancy services in product development, clinical development, regulatory services for product registration/ lifecycle management, quality/QMS, training and commercialisation across the globe. With experts in prescription and non-prescription medicines, biologicals, medical technologies and diagnostic testing and legal entities in Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Adjutor Healthcare Group can act as the sponsor/MAH for clients in these markets. 

Axis Health Co. is a multi-disciplinary team of industry experts with extensive strategic and operational leadership and “real life” experience that will offer every client a greater diversity of practical and independent advice. This includes commercialisation strategy, government and corporate affairs, market entry and go-to-market strategies, reimbursement strategies, organisational design  expansion planning, and operational assessments and execution. 

The synergy between the two organisations will enable them to offer a robust and comprehensive suite of consulting services. Key benefits of the partnership include:

Full suite of complementary skills: Our partnership offers our clients the opportunity to leverage valuable complementary skills providing a more robust advisory service through a broader multidisciplinary perspective.

A high-value integrated solution: Our partnership combines the unique strengths of each organisation. We are able to offer greater value through our comprehensive and integrated solutions for clients who are looking for independent strategic advisory with the industry experts who have the track records of delivering outcomes.

Scalability and adaptability: Every client has the ability to utilise our combined services and scale or adapt depending on their current and emerging strategic objective. Our partnership offers this flexibility with a constant focus on providing solutions.


Dr Nicholette Conway, Co-Founder of Axis Health Co.  commented “Together we are dedicated to helping our clients overcome their most significant challenges and reach their strategic objectives with innovative, independent, pragmatic and efficient solutions.”

Dr Rosalie Cull, Founder and CEO of the Adjutor Healthcare Group, when talking about the strategic partnership said: “By leveraging our combined skills and knowledge, we can offer innovative solutions that address the most pressing challenges faced by our clients.” Dr Cull went on to say: “The partnership is already alive and well with the organisations having collaborated on their inaugural project, which showcased the power of our combined expertise.”


This strategic partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey for both organisations. With a shared vision, and a commitment to excellence, the Adjutor Healthcare Group and Axis Health Co are poised to tackle challenges, drive innovation, and achieve remarkable success. 

About Axis Health Co

AXIS Health Co. is a trusted partner for healthcare organisations, offering a unique range of consulting services. Our services enhance performance, quality, and efficiency; and innovatively address the health sector’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Our mission is to inform and transform healthcare delivery and empower our clients with actionable insights and evidence-based solutions. We work with clients from various healthcare industry segments, including pharmaceutical companies, device companies, med tech, biotech, government agencies, hospitals, and research institutions.

AXIS Health Co. comprises a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced professionals with diverse and inclusive backgrounds and perspectives. We leverage our collective expertise to understand the complex challenges and opportunities in the health sector and find holistic and innovative solutions for our clients. Our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and excellence is at the heart of everything we do as we strive to positively impact the health sector and society. 


About the Adjutor Advantage

The Adjutor Advantage is a distinctive set of principles that underpin our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Our team is not just a service provider, we are your strategic partner, committed to helping you overcome challenges and achieve your objectives. 

Responsive: We pride ourselves on responding quickly to our client’s needs, ensuring timely solutions and support whenever required.

Agile: In a rapidly changing business environment, our agile approach allows us to adapt quickly and efficiently to new challenges and opportunities.

Flexible: We understand that every client is unique, and we offer flexible solutions that can be customised to meet specific business goals and requirements.

Expert: Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise across medicines and medical device development, providing insightful and strategic guidance.

Collaborative: We work closely with our clients, fostering a collaborative environment to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Reliable: Our clients can count on us for consistent, dependable service, and our commitment to supporting them reach their commercialisation goals.

For more information

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