News Release13 Feb 2020
Launch of Adjutor Healthcare (NZ) Limited
Launch of Adjutor Healthcare (NZ) Limited

This is a very exciting day for me, a Kiwi living and working in Australia. Today, we officially launched our New Zealand entity Adjutor Healthcare (NZ) Limited.

The mission of Adjutor Healthcare (NZ) Limited, and parent company Adjutor Healthcare Pty Ltd is three-fold.

Firstly, we want to help bring international business to the Australia/New Zealand biotech scene and local providers. This includes contract science, contract manufacturing, clinical trials, regulatory and commercialisation.

We know that local experts are well placed to assist international clients with product development and there are many advantages that our region can provide, particularly in the clinical trial space, including: quick study start up, adherence to cGCP, IP security and reasonable cost structures.

Secondly, Adjutor aims to bring more products to Australia and New Zealand patients either through access to clinical trials or as approved products.

Thirdly, we want to help Australian and New Zealand companies capitalise on their new product ideas and IP, move through development efficiently, and launch their products in global markets, in a timely manner.

With Adjutor’s specialised knowledge and an expert network including in- country consultants all around the world, we are extremely well positioned to do this.

We look forward to more local engagement and some interesting projects in future.

Dr Rosalie Cull